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From the home office of Christine Greig Award winning M8 Director.

Transform Any Area of YOUR Life FOR GOOD

This is a proven step by step formula for You to acheive Your chosen goals.

More Fulfilling Relationships

Are you at a point in your life where by you're seeking more meaningful connections with your friends and family? Discover the secret to creating and attracting more fulfilling relationships.

Financial Abundance

Want to know the secret to making more money with less time and effort? Ever wondered what it is about the ultra rich that allows them to create financial abundance with relative ease. What do they know that you don't?

Greater Inner Peace

Learn what it takes to get rid of that crazy "monkey chatter" for good. Learn the secret to stop worrying and start living! 

Harness the Power of Thought

So much of what we experience in life is a reflection of our mental state. What are you thinking about? Your throughts become self fulfilling prophecies. Learn to harness the power of thought and begin to experience the magic of creating your life the way you truly desire it to be. 

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In 30 days I lost 11.5 kilos and 82 cms.

I have started a number of weight loss programs before but bleieve my success with this one has not only been due to the product itself but to the mind set and determintaion that I gaied from doing this program. 

Jacqui King

Already being a big fan of all things self development, I used this information to my advantage. Reading and re-reading as to get that little change happening. And thats all it takes to make huge differences at the other end, just a little change in the right direction. Brilliant.


Absolutely "off the charts".

I loved it. 

When you start doing the daily exercises strange things start happening around you. Strange good things.

Kirsty Mailer

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